Milo Coello is a multi-instrumentalist composer for films, TV, games, commercials, and records.

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His career

Milo is a multi-instrumentalist composer who has written music in all genres for over 40 films, documentaries, nearly 100 TV shows, video games, commercials, animations, web-series, and trailers worldwide, and has won awards as a film scorer, as a songwriter and as a performer.

He is the founder and composer of Strings México, as well as an active composer at multi-award winning Vanacore Music, arguably the most successful TV music production and publishing company in the United States. Milo is also the director and creator of the Film Scoring Diploma at TiempoMúsica.

His work

Among his work as a film composer, Milo has scored multi-award winning films such as "Tengo Miedo", "How Do You Spell Love?", “Beyond the Blue”, and “Al Otro Lado” to name a few.

Milo's music can also be heard on multiple TV shows from networks such as NBC, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, ABC, BBC, Lifetime and History Channel, among many others, as well as on major national commercials for brands such as Dove,, Cinemex, BBVA Bancomer and the award winning “Superkid” for Tropicana.

As a record producer, songwriter & orchestral arranger, Milo is represented by Westwood and has worked closely with multiple top industry producers/songwriters such as Ettore Grenci (Marc Anthony, Reik, OV7), Leonardo de Lozanne (Fobia), Alex Zepeda (Luis Fonsi, José José, Cristian Castro), and maestro Armando Manzanero among others.
More recently, Milo created Involve Collective, an elite team of established international producers and recording, mixing, and mastering engineers who work together to create records for both the american and latin american markets.

As an accomplished live and studio drummer, Milo has performed in over 100 different venues internationally, sharing the stage with some of his inspirations such as Steve Gadd, Luis Conte, and John Blackwell among others, as well as played/recorded with dozens of bands in various genres.

His story

Milo was born in November, 1985 in Mexico City. Even though no one in his family was a musician, his interest began at the very young age of 5 years old, when he asked his parents for piano lessons. Learning by ear was his favorite method, and by the time he was 7 he wrote his first composition. Besides playing classical pieces by Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart, Milo's love for rock also started early:
"Everyday I would get home from school and play Queen all afternoon while I laid on the couch and just listened and dreamed of being a rockstar."

His interest on the rhythmic and percussive side of music was so great that by the age of 11 he began studying drum set, which would become his principal instrument. After attending for one year the Academy of Music Fermatta when he was 15 years old, curiosity and ambition led him to pick up guitar and bass, and become a studio singer. His fascination over learning new instruments still lives to this day, as he now studies others including the North Indian Bansuri, and violin.
Milo played drums with several high-school punk, metal and progressive rock bands, and when he was 17, he joined the brit-rock band Frederic Pope, which would be the biggest influence in his teenage musical years.

He later moved to Boston and graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music, where he dual majored in Film Scoring and Performance. While at Berklee, Milo received 3 scholarships and a Student Academy Reward for his thesis project, being on the top 3 of his entire class.
After graduation, he immediately moved to Los Angeles, CA where his career and success as a film scorer took off.

His life

Today Milo lives with his family back in Mexico City, working on as many projects locally as he does internationally through the Internet (e.g. USA, England, Mexico, India, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Romania, France, and Poland). For larger live recording sessions, Milo uses Strings México, an elite string orchestra he founded with the best string players in Mexico, created specifically to record music. They are affiliated to some of the best recording studios in the country as well, for more info click here.

Besides music and films, Milo loves to spend time with the loves of his life, his wife and his two beautiful children. He also loves animals, enjoys traveling to remote places in the middle of nature, is a big fan of extreme sports, is very much into Buddhism, photography, and fun/interesting ways to exercise his body and his mind.

Milo dreams of moving to New Zealand one day with his family, setup his studio there and live in the mountains making music.

His passion

Milo has an immense passion to turn feelings into music, and through films and the amazing creative collaborations he has made, he plans to relentlessly and gratefully keep sharing his life’s gift and passion with the world, one audience at a time.

"Live to Express, Not to Impress."

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